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Saturday, September 01, 2012


Sample of words used in my poetry (from the VocabGrabber website):

anabatic ulteriority fecalith anaclitic gray sole dissilient mitochondrion acrophobic travel plan sea cucumber hamartia unbridle infarct mess-up susurrant eye blink tostada eukaryotic eros hatemonger make-do pleach Florida key kissing cousin haptic bargain down accrete corporatism spatial relation regurgitate arrhythmic epiphenomenon hedonic ataraxia meiosis cybersex fetishize Venn diagram hybrid vigor unidirectional encode samsara nursery rhyme deconstruct logorrhea Zealot eremitic artificial flower saguaro home invasion male genitalia pocket mouse in-between caliche pentimento mundanity rambutan cyclops finitely incestuously schlep synapsis referential personality test minutia haiku sopor throated seashell Cyclopes fixative neuronal misappropriate wintery origami cremate recombine erode kludge one-liner pleonasm misdirection liger insomniac mantic juxtapose fractal sanitize Nipa atonic peccant weatherman vivisectionist dyad nuisance value assort mottle synaptic semiotic holey subsume fall into place unreduced vomit up lumpen pyramid scheme agendum storage room poltergeist shoed pointillist impermeable unresponsive spatter intuit unsanctioned placeholder besmirch miscast overheat substrate gobbet inauthentic meatloaf rework siren call ascensional bowel movement encrypt stasis elitism rictus neologism destine aleatory kudzu boxed in generalist raindrop misdirect arousal invasion of privacy trivially erectly recycle uncorroborated virga centerfold osmosis enosis solipsism toenail distend striping foreplay fado skitter topiary uncaring eroded jello flimflam cutting room hellfire reexamine unidentifiable expedience additive demimonde toilet seat collection plate twenty percent palimpsest self-worship unreceptive death mask bilaterally connectedness endgame cough up bagel particulate deafen unprompted recombinant hold open excoriate reincarnate all get out skeletal chew up wrinkly boondoggle crisscross bon vivant gravid crud preempt damply pare down deconstruction shatter Pegasus eardrum nuclear family castrate festoon stutter overburden co-opt proto chooser shambolic rechargeable cross out obsolescence sentience Degas sculpt serenade idiosyncratic transience vector monetize capriccio slobber enthrall appall anagram knothole deviant gelded Riff devalue overeager sedation brassiere smirk democratize splat like sin cull yodel foodstuff piglet weight down gnome firework pester Ashe Cajun otherness neuron entropy feral extraterrestrial aloneness consonantal enshrine pygmy eroticism unremarked prankster smolder banana republic taxonomy redefine voyeur tabula rasa mammal boob voiding choosy fly high DOE runny retell keep apart masterfully time capsule ineluctable sever wagon wheel aesthete Para breadbasket inscribe doily college girl coup d'oeil get wise sump sex devalued tree branch shamble snap off seethe encoding prefab slipperiness rutty destructively unoriginal specificity cacophony turn off body count symbiosis Casanova numb threnody puddle lade sloppiness shopping cart commercialization get stuck ramble on blinks belabor segmented yowl push aside rhyme slither peter rote centaur peter out like kings dream drip rive Alexander Graham Bell tabletop relational geld sneak away Siren zombie obsess discrete rename spin matrix epiphany dun-colored poem habituate spavined djinn belch rut peccadillo dependent on rite of passage raspy huffing genitalia bible detente unconstrained porcine crazily apnea primitively pick at decode papaya harpy snuffle percolate broaden coconut beading slicked peek lie deflate align claque


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